Not Your Grandma’s Saints: Get Ready for ‘Modern Saints’!

Guess what? There’s this cool new book called “Modern Saints,” and it’s changing the game when it comes to talking about religious heroes. No boring old portraits or whispered stories here – it’s all about real people dealing with real problems, breaking the rules, and showing what faith looks like in our world today.

‘Modern Saints’: More Than Just Saints in Paintings

Forget the usual saint lineup – the martyrs, mystics, and church leaders. “Modern Saints” introduces you to folks like Dorothy Day, a champion for fairness, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a guy who said no to the Nazis. You’ll also meet Oscar Romero, a hero for the voiceless in El Salvador, and Simone Weil, a deep thinker who challenged the norm.

These “modern saints” weren’t perfect. They had doubts, made mistakes, and didn’t always fit in. But they were super committed to fairness, loved people a lot, and were ready to stand up to authority when they thought it was wrong.

Shaking Things Up: Saints Who Make You Think

This book isn’t about just blindly looking up to these folks. It’s all about making you think, asking questions, and making you look at faith and saints in a whole new way. It challenges the idea that saints have to be a certain way.

“Modern Saints” celebrates differences, telling stories of people who weren’t afraid to question the usual way of doing things – like Thich Nhat Hanh’s Buddhist activism, Wangari Maathai’s fight for the environment, or Abraham Joshua Heschel’s unwavering fight for civil rights.

Some might find this a bit tricky. It’s not your typical hero story with good guys and bad guys. But that’s what makes “Modern Saints” cool. It makes us face our own ideas, deal with tough questions, and understand that being a saint might look a bit different than we thought.

Faith in the Now: Real People, Real Stories

In a world where old-school religion isn’t as popular, “Modern Saints” is like a fresh breeze. It shows that faith isn’t just about old traditions and holy books. It’s something real that regular people live out every day by doing amazing things.

These stories are cool because they’re not about perfect people. They’re messy, complicated, and totally human. They’re about growing, asking questions, falling down, and getting back up. And in these stories, we can see our own struggles. We realize that being a saint isn’t some far-off dream – it’s something we all have inside us.

Time to Get Moving: Be Your Own Saint

“Modern Saints” isn’t just a bunch of stories – it’s a call to get moving. It’s like saying, “Hey, let’s step out of our comfort zones, challenge what’s normal, and see the saint potential in ourselves.” It encourages us to find our own causes, speak up, and live out our faith with bravery, even if it means shaking things up a bit.

Whether you’re a big believer or just curious, “Modern Saints” is like a burst of fresh energy. It reminds us that faith, just like being a saint, is something alive and changing. It’s not just a destination – it’s a journey, and it can be messy, tough, and totally worth it. So, grab the book, dive into the stories of these not-so-typical saints, and rediscover how faith can inspire, challenge, and lead us on our own awesome journeys.

And here’s the big question from “Modern Saints”: Who do you think will be the modern saints of your time?