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What’s Up in February

Our XC Publishing authors have no lack of projects in the new year. For instance …

  • Cheryl Dyson has been blogging every week about The Gauntlet series characters and world. She also continues to labor over Book III in the series. In the meantime, why not re-read The Gauntlet Thrown and The Challenge Accepted?
  • Janet Loftis and Xina Marie Uhl have partnered up to tackle a formidable challenge of the non-writing variety – walking the ancient Spanish pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela, said to hold the bones of St. James, apostle of Christ. What would possess two intelligent and courageous women to take on such a challenge? Janet explains here and Xina here. Check out their respective blogs for gear updates and other topics as they train, overcome mental blocks, and roar into the fire, stoking their bravery … Stay tuned for Camino-flavored writings to come!
  • Deborah Ochery seems to have become distracted chasing after hunky young men with dinosaur stuffed animals. But stories are a-brewin’ in her mind. Be sure to follow her blog to see what wickedness she comes up with!

Until next time ~

Buen Camino!

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