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The Year Ahead

Well, the calendar has turned another page and we’ve all made it to 2016. Books and writing are, of course, in the works for this new year. Here are the plans for a couple of XC authors:

Janet Loftis will be completing a couple of new short stories early in the year and may add them to her collection Skin and Bones. She is also planning on releasing a paperback edition of this collection. Her graduate program is keeping her busy in the meantime. Who knows what dark and devilish tales will occur to her after that? Why not subscribe to her blog to find out? Also, check out the Thrills and Mystery Podcast in April for an audio version of her chilling story “Talebones.” If WordPress isn’t your thing, visit her on Facebook or Twitter.

Xina Marie Uhl has changed her blog to focus on travel and photography, though she does occasionally post some writing-related content as well. She is steadily working away on various fiction projects, (fantasy, historical, and humorous), some of which will see the light of day this year, hopefully. Hear more about her writing process and plans in this podcast interview by the Thrills and Mystery host. Speaking of the Thrills and Mystery Podcast, you can hear her humorous fantasy story, “A Fairy’s Tail” at the end of March. Don’t miss it! She also continues to pound out educational books such as these. Keep up with her on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for reading – and may your year bring your health, happiness, and prosperity!


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