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THE RULING ELITE and Other Stories – Xina Marie Uhl & Janet Loftis

Ruling Elite_xcdedicatedpageIn The Ruling Elite and Other Stories by Xina Marie Uhl and Janet Loftis you’ll find a collection of six short stories that fuses fantasy with history and anthropology by two of XC Publishing’s most talented authors.

Hidden within the pages are:

  • a slave-mercenary struggling  to save the life of his mistress
  • a palace guard defending his city against the destroyer of prophecy
  • a wanderer who brings more than just past grief into the lives of four sisters
  • two men who go on a dangerous hunt to kill the witches destroying their village
  • an outcast trying to outwit the village oracle and get justice for her murdered mother
  • and a captain who discovers how high the cost is to return the dead to their rightful homes.

Ebook Available NOW for FREE from:


Find the paperback and audio on:

Amazon.com (Note: alternate cover for paperback)

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