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The Creative Life – the beginning …

What is a creative life?

The answer is wide open and different for each of us. We at XC Publishing will use this space to explore the meaning of this idea, from the beginning of the creative impulse — that still, small voice in the back of our minds — to the moment that it blooms and grows into stories, artwork, photographs, travel plans, crafts, ideas, beliefs, dreams, and more. Join us on our journey, as we discover the many faces and expressions of creativity in our lives.

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Featuring ….

Cheryl Dyson                                 Xina Marie Uhl                             Janet L. Loftis

A bejeweled gauntlet in a treasure chest serves as the cover art for The Challenge Accepted by Cheryl Dyson and Xina Marie UhlA black catlike creature graces the cover of Necropolis by Xina Marie UhlCover art for Skin and Bones by Janet L. Loftis of a full moon over the sea; bones lie on the beach.

About Xina Marie Uhl

Writer, reader, pumpkin eater. Read my book! Visit my blog!

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