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The Idea Stork

The Stork, Of Course “Where do you get your ideas?” I hear this question frequently and it always makes me laugh. “From the Idea Stork,” I want to reply, “similar to the one that brings babies and those spiders that randomly show up in the bathtub.” It might be a more satisfying answer than the […]

Color Me Intrigued: Color in History

When Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz left Kansas and landed in Oz, her world went from black and white to pure, lovely Technicolor. Have you ever given any thought to what your ¬†world would be like without color? What about what your world would be like before the dawn of the modern age, when […]

The Creative Life – the beginning …

What is a creative life? The answer is wide open and different for each of us. We at XC Publishing will use this space to explore the meaning of this idea, from the beginning of the creative impulse — that¬†still, small voice in the back of our minds — to the moment that it blooms […]


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