SKIN AND BONES by Janet L. Loftis

Cover art for Skin and Bones by Janet L. Loftis of a full moon over the sea; bones lie on the beach.This new collection combines stories previously found in “Talebones,” “Wedding Tree,” and “Skin Job & other Dark Tales” together with brand new stories including the new novelette “The Fisherman’s Wife.”

  • “The Fisherman’s Wife” Kima has a choice: avenge her husband’s murder or save the only family she has left, her dog Oolee.
  • “Skin Job” Two men go on a dangerous hunt to kill the witches destroying their village. Inspired by an Afro-Caribbean folktale. (Note: some minor sexual content.)
  • “Your Canoe is in Pacheco” A sadistic husband leaves his wife and child to die in a Louisiana swamp. His swamp, that listens only to him….or so he believes.
  • “Third” A woman with no name is trapped, caring for her blind sisters, the village seers. She’s willing to do anything to escape, even dig secret graves.
  • “Talebone” An outcast tries to outwit the magical skills of the village oracle as a means of justice for her murdered mother, but her own deadly schemes are revealed instead.
  • “In The Service of the Queen” Inspired by the Malagasy tradition of bringing home the dead, no matter the hardship. Will the dead Queen’s guard survive the journey?
  • “Wedding Night” A soldier commits treason…and murder…to save his daughter from what would be a brutal murder at the hands of her new husband, the prince. He can not know that the old gods, seeking revenge for the genocide of their worshippers have cursed her.
  • “The Wedding Tree” Based upon a combination of a Japanese legend which tells of secrets left at the foot of trees and another in which a special tree is grown to carve into the bridal dowry chest.
  • “Bonecut” Two competitive archaeology professors discover why ancient Native Americans never stayed long in this part of the forest.
  • “The Life of Words” A sci-fi tale of August Goodloe, linquist and lone human on a planet of dying aliens.
  • “Hunter Sands” A young woman waits for the birth of her baby…and her magical powers…while a monster waits for her.
  • “Bones in the Fire” The bone witch of Paliku village is faced with a chilling choice when ancient taboos and village rivalries collide.

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