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May at XC Publishing

What’s going on in the writing world of XC Publishing’s authors? Um … not a whole lot, unfortunately. Fallow time. It’s necessary to let the fields go unplanted to replenish minerals in later times, right? That’s our story and we’re sticking with it!

Cheryl Dyson got stalled at “H” for her Gauntlet Trilogy blog posts. Why not drop by her blog and leave a note of encouragement to continue the blog posts and, while she’s at it, FINISH THE THIRD BOOK ALREADY.

Ahem. Yeah.

Deb Ochery is lost in the harems of Arabia. We think. Deb. What’s up, eh? Write some more romance for us, will you?

Janet Loftis and Xina Marie Uhl spent considerable time in Spain walking the Camino de Santiago. This involved sipping from wine fountains, sleeping on bunk beds amidst enthusiastic snorers, ogling cute Irish pilgrim men, visiting lots and lots of churches, and eating pilgrim menus at ever-present bars (name for Spain’s cafes). Visit their blogs for reflections and photos.

More to report next month!

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