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March Madness!

March has been a busy month for our authors, as two of them are planning an exhaustive 500-mile trek across Spain on foot. WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING? you ask. Well, the answers may be found in their blogs here and here. Neither of them are strangers to world traveling, although this will be the first long-term adventure they will embark upon together. Janet recalls the first time she met Xina and her promise to throw herself in front of killer penguins should any happen to attack during their journey. I predict the only penguins they might encounter will be tuxedo-clad Spanish lads, in which case Deborah Ochery has placed a standing order for one to be shipped to her straightaway. Deborah has been occupied with the serious and demanding study of the male anatomy in order to write with improved biological accuracy, so she’s been far too busy to blog. She can be found on Twitter and Tumblr these days, retweeting sarcasm and reblogging posts of scenery (and nice-looking men) for future writing inspiration.

Xina Marie Uhl has some fascinating insights into why she chose to embark upon the Camino de Santiago, as well as some extremely valuable information regarding how to find the best airfare when planning to travel globally. Money saved on airfare can be used for more important things, such as FOOD. Xina also has a fascinating blog post on how to properly use hiking poles. Who knew there was an actual technique to using big sticks for walking? Apparently there is, so hie thee to the post and LEARN before you hurt yourselves! Also, they have the added benefit of giving you something with which to fend off rabid raccoons or killer penguins. Better to be safe than sorry. Also, as Xina would prefer not to starve whilst walking hundreds of miles and perhaps being attacked by lost penguins, so if you would like to contribute to her “please keep me alive” fund, click on her GoFundMe page found here and toss her a few bucks. SACRIFICE YOUR DAILY LATTE TO KEEP HER FROM BEING EATEN BY KILLER PENGUINS FOR PITY’S SAKE.

In less dramatic news, Cheryl Dyson has been writing eight to twelve novels at the same time, one of which is actually the third book of the Gauntlet Trilogy. The bad news is that this ridiculous writing process is exceptionally time-consuming. The good news is that once she finally finishes a novel the other seven will be released quickly thereafter because they are basically being written simultaneously. Yes, she realizes that she is insane and no, she has not consulted a physician about this because such a visit would most likely give her the idea to write novel number nine and that would be extremely counter-productive. Also, she has been blogging WEEKLY for seven whole weeks, which is not only a record but might actually rip apart the fabric of reality. If you see things beginning to warp your existence after week eight, please send her a comment begging her to cease and desist.


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