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January 2015 Round Up

Happy New Year!

Xina Uhl has been hard at work on a number of projects. She turned in her book “The Civil Rights Act of 1964” (children’s nonfiction), and finished a short story “Whiter Passages” – an Antarctic romance. She’s now working on the next volume in the Icebound series called “All Mouth and No Trousers,” which is soon to be finished. You can read some more about that here: https://xuwriter.wordpress.com/tag/icebound/ She’s also submitting queries for her Black Death/1918 Influenza Pandemic children’s nonfiction book.

Both Cheryl Dyson and Deb Ochery have been writing, and writing, and still more writing. They hope to have new works available for you soon.

Janet Loftis has been doing a ton of writing…but most of it for school unfortunately. She’s now pursuing a graduate program in Crisis and Disaster Management, and exploring such fascinating topics as ebola quarantines and fires in the wildland-urban interface (e.g., the 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm). But never fear, where other students may simply glance at a list of biological warfare tactics over the centuries, Janet sees more fodder for future horror stories.

And in an amusing turn of events, Janet was happy to share a tale from one of her co-workers who, after having a discussion with his 60-year-old mother about “50 Shades of Grey” recommended downloading a sample of Janet’s erotica titles from Amazon Kindle. Despite her deep blushing, and her “oh my”s, his mother not only kept reading, she bought some more. It’s very rewarding for a writer to hear they’ve entertained someone, so Janet will be working in February to put together another collection of her erotica stories. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, you might want to try these works:

The Guantlet Thrown  (Fantasy)

A Fairy Tale  (Light-hearted Fantasy)

The Box Quadrilogy (Erotica)

Be Careful What You Wish For (Erotica)

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