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January 2014 Roundup

Happy February!

I bet you have been wondering something that keeps you up late at night, wracked with anxiety. That something is: What are the XC publishing writers up to these days? Well, here’s your answer!

  • Cover art for Be Careful What You Wish For by Deb OcheryNew author Deb Ochery released her first erotica novel Be Careful What You Wish For at long last. Hurry and snatch up this sizzling e-book at the introductory price of only $.99. Don’t put it off, though. The price will be going up any day now.

Even though she would never use words like “strong” and “independent” to describe herself, Kendra has made her own way in life and is quite happy living alone in London. And then she finds an interesting glass bottle. It looks innocent enough, crusted with grime and sealed fast with some sort of ancient metal. Little does Kendra realize that prying free the stopper will change her life forever.

Having a sex djinni at your beck and call might seem like a great idea, but Kendra quickly learns that Seth is nothing like the magical beings in storybooks and movies. His charming nature seems at odds with the dark hints and revelations of his past life. And why is his ex-wife living in London? Is she also a djinni?

As Kendra teaches Seth about the modern world, so different from when he went into the bottle, she also learns a lot about herself and her own desires, and soon she discovers that what she really wants is the one thing she can never have.

  • Writing team Cheryl Dyson and Xina Marie Uhl are hard at work on the third and final book of The Gauntlet Trilogy. Publication date is a tentative June 2014. Visit Cheryl Dyson’s blog or the XC publishing Facebook page to cheer her on. And, while you’re there – just in case you missed it, check out the first character interview of Brydon Redwing, intrepid hero of the Gauntlet books.
  • Janet Loftis  is continuing to update her blog all the while struggling with some killer migraines, and reflecting on the zombie apocalypse. Check out her short story collection Zombies and Aliens, on sale for only $.99 on Amazon Kindle.
  • Xina Marie Uhl is finishing up her latest novel project, the story of Justus, a Dark Ages knight who must redeem a young thief and guide a beautiful, barren woman on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. This first book of the Dark Ages trilogy is called City of Ages, and will be headed out the door sometime this year to the eager, and willing arms of whatever agent she can find. Xina is also hard at work promoting The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior. Take a look at possibly the best testimonial she could have received about the book:

Stay tuned for what we all have up our sleeves this February.

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