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February Fabulousness!

Our authors, some of whom have vanished for a few mystery months, have emerged from their various cocoons with many assorted topics this month!

Janet Loftis discusses a movie she saw recently, The Witch, and describes her accompanying nightmare in Witch-fueled Dreams.

Xina Marie Uhl posted a visual treat with photos taken from various plane windows at spectacular views below in Leaving on a Jet Plane, and discusses independent author strategies with How to Develop an Ebook Strategy.

Cheryl Dyson is finally continuing her A to Z blogging challenge with part ten, J is for Jace wherein she discusses one of her favorite characters in the Gauntlet Series.

And Deborah Ochery has begun a new series of rants blog posts talking about her self-absorbed ex in Living With Mr. Cray.

As you can see, there is a large variety of interests and life stories amongst our authors, all of which gives them fodder for writing, or at least many experiences and ideas with which to enrich their skills and entertain you.

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