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February 2014 Roundup

Welcome to XC Publishing’s March Madness. (No, not that March Madness.) The kind of madness found in the brains of writers….

While you wait for Cheryl Dyson and Xina Marie Uhl to release the third and final book of The Gauntlet Trilogy (tentatively scheduled for June 2014) you can catch up with the previous volumes: The Gauntlet Thrown and The Challenge Accepted (both on Amazon).

Janet Loftis recently released a second edition of her short story collection Zombies and Aliens, adding new flash fiction pieces “A Congressional Zombie Love Story” and “Adopt-a-Zombie” to an already humorously entertaining bargain for only $.99 on Amazon Kindle. Janet is now working on a new short horror script for this year’s Shriekfest Film Festival.

We’re sorry that you missed the introductory sale price for Deb Ochery’s erotica novel Be Careful What You Wish For . But it’s still a terrific and sizzling (can we say “sex djinni”?!) steal at its regular price of $2.99 on both Smashwords and Amazon Kindle.

Xina Marie Uhl continues to work on her latest novel, City of Ages (the first book of the Dark Ages trilogy).  And her earlier fantasy novel Necropolis has just been re-released with gorgeous new cover art. If you visit Necropolis’s Amazon page from March 11 – 17 you can get it for only $.99!

Check out the blog posting where she writes about the historical inspiration behind this tale of swords and sorcery at   http://xuwriter.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/can-truth-father-fantasy/

One comment on “February 2014 Roundup

  1. Its a request…do not delay in releasing the third book of gauntlet series. ..cant wait any longrr…

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