Cover art for the Box Quadrilogy by Janet L. LoftisThe Box Quadrilogy

Four whimsical works of contemporary erotic fiction. Short stories include:

“Box Lunch Cafe”: A sexy restaurateur teaches a nerdy tax collector what consenting adults mean when they offer up a box lunch.

“Jack in the Box”: See Jack get abducted by aliens. See Jack teach the aliens his favorite sexual technique.

“The Penalty Box”: Hockey players usually try to stay out of the penalty box. Jason, sexually frustrated and desperate to change that, tries to get into Sandy’s box.

“Pandora’s Box”: What really happened when Pandora opened her box? She learned to pleasure both gods and men.

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Woman's legs in highheel shoes out of a car windowCarnal Knowledge and Other Sexy Tales

Four short stories bound by one theme – contemporary erotica, smartly told.

“Primatology 101”: Make love, not war

“Boobies”: Mating season in Las Islas Encantadas

“Meals on Wheels”: You can’t eat what you can’t catch

“CARnal knowledge”: With the rising cost of gas, more Americans are getting to know each other a lot better in the carpool lane

$2.99 from Amazon.com

2 comments on “EROTICA COLLECTIONS from Janet L. Loftis

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  2. A quadrilogy lol, I never heard of one of those. I’ll add that to my vocab, and this book to my eBook collction 😀 It looks really hot to me! I love my risque eBook collection and this looks suitable to add to it 😉 Heh heh heh …

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