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August Round-Up

Xina Uhl is working on the second of her Icebound stories, a quirky collection following the inhabitants of the frozen edges of the earth. These stories take place in a past much like that which occurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with characters and settings just a little bit … unexpected. (The first story in the series, Whiter Pastures, is currently being workshopped.)

She is in the process of recording an audio version of The Ruling Elite short story collection combining her own stories with those of Janet Loftis, available on Amazon Kindle.

Xina also had good news to share: a 4.5 star review on Twitter of her humorous short story collection A Fairy Tail and Out of the The Bag, also available on Kindle.

Janet Loftis is continuing with her graduate program in crisis management which leaves her with little writing time (well, other than research papers). But she did complete a Christmas-themed short horror script that she submitted to the 2015 Shriekfest Film Festival, founded by actress Denise Gossett, who has been “Voted Number 5 out of 13 Most Influential Women In Horror History.” In the past six years, Janet has submitted three other short horror scripts to Shriekfest and placed once in the semi-finals and twice in the finals. Wish her luck in making it to the winners’ circle this year!

Janet is squeezing in time to work on an outline for a horror short story about a mother and daughter, Girls Night Out. When completed, she will be adding it to her short story collection Skin and Bones available on Amazon Kindle. In what little free time she has, Janet has been exploring with different marketing techniques on her Facebook author page and Twitter account.

Cheryl Dyson and Deb Ochery are in hiberation. Occasionally, one or the other of them wakes up and scribbles a few words before sinking back to the soft dirt of their dens. Both will reawaken in a month or two, or so we hope.

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