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Thanks for your interest in our affiliate program for The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior by Xina Marie Uhl. Affiliate programs are ways that you can promote quality products to your mailing list or website viewers while earning commissions on sales of these products. Here’s how it works:

1. Visit E-Junkie, the payment processor we use to sell our products, at the following link to learn more and sign up:  Join our Affiliate Program!

2. Contact your mailing list subscribers or website viewers to let them know about The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior. Here are some suggested visuals and text to use. Be sure to use your personalized E-Junkie link in this communication so that sales can be attributed to your organization.

Sample ads:

A. To include in a special email or letter:

Would you like to help [insert your organization’s name] and have fun at the same time? Every time you purchase a copy of The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior by Xina Marie Uhl, you will not only receive a laugh-aloud book or ebook that serves as a self-help manual from the cat’s point of view, but you will also be providing a valuable commission to assist us with the important work [insert your organization’s name] does to help animals in need.

Cover art for The Cat's Guide to Human Behavior

“At last, a manual that unravels the tangled inner workings of human beings, allowing you to subjugate them better than ever before!” — Catsweek

The mysteries of humans’ strange habits and bizarre desires are revealed in this clever, timely guide for the modern cat. Discover answers to eternal feline questions such as: Why does my human refuse to groom herself with her tongue? For decades cats have been meowing for such a guidebook – don’t deny them any longer!

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B. To include on your website:

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3.  Collect your commission.

Each e-book sold via your organization at the purchase price of $3.99 will net you $1.00. Each paperbacks sold at a purchase price of $11.99 (plus $3.00 shipping & handling) will provide you with a commission of  $3.00. We will pay your commissions on the 15th of the following month.

Feel free to contact us via the contact form below with any questions or concerns you might have.


Xina Uhl

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