About Us

Childhood picture of Xina Uhl.

Xina back in the day.

XC Publishing is the brain child of Xina Marie Uhl and Cheryl Dyson, two longtime friends and fellow writers. Our interest in writing fiction and recording audiobooks has led us straight to the welcoming arms of the Internet, where we happily ply our wares to legions of a few like-minded friends. Our hope is that you will enjoy our writing enough to:

#1, tell others about our wonderfulness so they can partake of it, too

Black and white photo of a dark-haired Caucasian girl, Cheryl Dyson.

Cheryl lookin’ fancy.

#2 tell us how absolutely earth-shattering reading our books has been for you, and/or digital or hard copies of our books. Oh, and recommending our works to your uncle the wildly successful TV producer would be an acceptable alternative to #1, 2 or 3. Just so you know.



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