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A Year in Review – 2013

2013 was a busy year for our authors, who spent most of their time trying to complete things, but also learning new and better ways to reach their readers. The website has been revamped and linked to WordPress for ease of posting and consistency. Each of our authors embarked on the road to blogging, not only to entertain and inform readers, but also to exercise a different set of writing muscles. Sometimes it can be helpful to switch gears.

With a new year begun, we are looking forward to making some positive changes, as well as issue some new books and possibly take on some new formats and markets. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of us! With that said, let’s take a look at what our authors were up to over the past year.

  • Xina Marie Uhl released a new book entitled The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior, which is an exciting romp through a cat’s mind as it attempts to explain some of the strange and mystical behaviors exhibited by their human companions on a daily basis. Filled with both humor and wisdom, we highly recommend it to all pet lovers! Xina has also blogged about various and sundry subjects, from writing inspirations such as color and travel to a hilarious write-up of her first visit to San Diego’s Comic Con.
  • Janet Loftis has been blogging regularly about her travel adventures in Antarctica, something that was not only a dream trip of a lifetime, but also gave her additional writing inspiration. The loss of her beloved cat was a crushing emotional blow. As such things are inevitable, we can only take such experiences as they come and use them to learn and grow, not only as writers, but as human beings. We wish Janet well in her time of loss and know that she takes comfort from her furry friends that remain.
  • Cheryl Dyson enoys writing about writing and has blogged about various tips and tricks that she uses to power through scenes, including the assembly of children’s toys in order to block out an action scene, or a helpful way to relieve stress by inserting your various enemies into your novel and happily killing them off.
  • Deb Ochery will soon have her first book available and has been madly blogging about things dear to her heart, namely dating, sex, and alcohol. If you need a cocktail recipe for any occasion, be sure to stop by her blog and stay tuned for some exciting news about her book!

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