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A warrior trapped by the past. A priest hunted by hidden enemies. A city haunted by old gods’ magic.

When prison guard Conyr rescues a young priest from execution, he sets off a dangerous adventure that brings unlikely allies. Together, they must navigate a maze of power-hungry rivals, skilled assassins, and deadly sorcery. For the young priest’s lost memory holds the key to more than his past, but the fate of two cities.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Whiter_Pastures_Edit-683x1024.jpgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is All_Mouth_And_No_Trousers_Edit-683x1024.jpgLove and Lunacy in the Frozen Reaches of the Earth

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Two romantic novelettes in the Icebound series, an ongoing collection of polar delights.

Behold dogsleds and penguins. Howling winds and cold, pitiless wastes. This is Antarctica, where the intrepid inhabitants of the frozen ends of the earth battle the terrain, and each other, to find love—in a past much like that of the early 1900s.

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Opposites Attract. When They’re Not Bickering.

As sheriff of tiny West Texas town Abalone, Texie Cortez keeps rabble This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is LadyLawAndTheTexasDeRangers_XinaMarieUhl_450x675-e1576189750740.jpg and drunks on the straight and narrow. The arrival of smooth-talking gambler Alec Malone presents a whole other challenge. Now she has to combat his womanizing, troublemaking ways.

But when an outlaw gang shows up, Texie and Alec must team up to capture the weirdest outlaws in the Old West. That is, if they can stop bickering long enough.

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The first book in a fantasy series of swords, sorcery, and adventure.

A nameless orphan and a despised prince must conquer a living magic that threatens to destroy them and the people of their sprawling, beautiful land.

Seventeen-year-old Lance thinks his life is just about perfect now that the prettiest girl in the village wants him. Sure, he dreams of fighting far off battles, but that’s nothing more than a fantasy. Until …

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Ruling Elite_new_releases_page

Tales that Fuse Fantasy, History & Anthropology

Six stories of far off times and places. A slave-mercenary struggles  to save the life of his mistress, a palace guard defends his city against the destroyer of prophecy, a wanderer brings more than just past grief into the lives of four sisters, two men who go on a dangerous hunt to kill the witches destroying their village, an outcast tries to outwit the village oracle and get justice for her murdered mother, and a captain discovers how high the cost is to return the dead to their rightful homes.

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New Audio from the Authors of XC Publishing

Five humorous short stories make up this collection by Deborah Ochery, Janet L. Loftis, and Xina Marie Uhl. Here you’ll find a quirky mix of romance, science fiction, and fantasy that’s sure to amuse as well as intrigue you. The best part of all? It’s FREE.

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Cover Art for A Fairy Tail and Out of the Bag by Xina Marie Uhl

Guaranteed to Make You Grin

Two lighthearted short stories make up this duo. A lustful knight and a shape-changing unicorn compete to win the hand of a damsel who’s not in distress and Jason the cop makes an intriguing personal connection that’s not what it seems.

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Djinni in a BottleCover art for Be Careful What You Wish For by Deborah Ochery

Having a sex djinni at your beck and call might seem like a great idea – it certainly does to Kendra – but she quickly learns that Seth is nothing like the magical beings in storybooks and movies. As she teaches Seth about the modern world, so different from when he went into the bottle, she soon discovers that what she really wants is the one thing she can never have.

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 Cover art for the Box Quadrilogy by Janet L. Loftis

A Whimsical Collection of Erotic Fiction

What do tax collectors, restaurateurs, hockey players and Greek goddesses have in common? Well, a desire for some noogie, of course! Four contemporary stories about sex sure to stir up your … emotions!

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Short Fiction That’s Both Clever and EroticWoman's legs in highheel shoes out of a car window

Make love, not war … mating season in Las Islas Encantadas … You can’t eat what you can’t catch … and some raunchy action in the carpool lane. These make up Carnal Knowledge and Other Sexy Tales, a clever collection of contemporary erotica.

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Cover art for The Cat's Guide to Human BehaviorA Humorous Self-Help Manual … for Cats!

The mysteries of humans’ strange habits and bizarre desires are revealed in this clever, timely guide for the modern cat. Discover answers to timeless feline questions such as: Why does my human refuse to groom herself with her tongue? For decades felines have been meowing for such a guidebook – don’t deny them any longer!

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Cover art for Skin and Bones by Janet L. Loftis of a full moon over the sea; bones lie on the beach.

Twelve Tales of Adventure, Horror, and Magical Realism

A dozen tales of murder, magic, betrayal, loyalty, duty, sisters, daughters, mothers, dreams, future, and past. This anthology of short stories and a novelette will intrigue fans of horror, dark fantasy, magical realism, and science fiction.

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A bejeweled gauntlet in a treasure chest serves as the cover art for The Challenge Accepted by Cheryl Dyson and Xina Marie UhlBook Two of the Gauntlet Trilogy is available NOW!

Brydon’s quest for the Gauntlet of Ven-Kerrick continues as the mysterious Dark Master sends him on an unexpected journey through ruined cities and forgotten castles. On the way, he gathers new friends and new enemies, but will time run out before he can save his former companions?

 $2.99 USD  ♦  More Info …

Cover art for The Gauntlet Thrown by Cheryl Dyson & Xina Marie UhlBook One of the Gauntlet Trilogy

Brydon’s quest was simple. Borrow the fabled Gauntlet of Ven-Kerrick, bring it home to prove his worth, marry the princess, and ascend the throne. He had planned for the dangerous terrain and Redolian assassins, but he did not count on slavers and werewolves. He did not expect the Gauntlet to be missing, nor to find …

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A frightened eye graces the cover of Zombies and Aliens by Janet L. Loftis.Humor and Horror in this Short Story Duo

In “Prop Z,” California has granted voting rights to zombies. See what happens next. Answers the age old question: whose brains taste better – Democrats or Republicans? In “It’s all Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye,” you heard that warning from Mom growing up. Do you think Mom ever envisioned you growing up to be an optometrist to multi-eyed aliens?

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18 comments on “New Releases

  1. Just checking on book III of the Gauntlet Trilogy. My anticipation is quite piqued. I would at least know if a third book is still in the works.
    David Walden – Perry, GA.

    • Hi David!
      The third book is coming along (finally) after far too long on hiatus. We hope to have it finished soon, if only Toryn would cooperate and stop refusing to do what the author tells him he must.

      Thank you so much!

  2. When is the last book of the gauntlet thrown trilogy coming out? I have really enjoyed the first two.

    • We’re hoping it will be finished by the end of this year as the procrastination-prone author has finally dragged herself back to the laptop and begun to push the story onward. We will keep you updated here!

      Thank you!

  3. Please let me know when the gauntlet thrown 3
    Coming out,. Thanks.

  4. I have the first two Gauntlet books practically memorized, if they were paper book, they’d be so worn as to be falling apart. PLEASE get the third book out! I must know what happens! Brydon must be a descendant of the Kerrick prince who left VenKerrick long ago, does he marry Shevyn and defend the Concurrence with her? Or does Honor demand he return to Eryka? Or will Eryka and Toryn unite Falara and Redol against the evil threatening all?

  5. Is the third book of the Gauntlet Trilogy still happening? This has been my favourite series for quite some time and I can’t wait to read the next one.

  6. Looks like a fun collection. I will check it out.

  7. Hi,

    Love the Gauntlet Series, just wondering if there has been any progress in Book 3 coming to readers everywhere?


  8. is the third book out yet? I’ve been waiting for sooooo long.

  9. We’ve waited so long!! I’ve read and reread the first two. I can’t wait to see how this ends. I love your work so much <3

    • OMG thank you so much! You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been ACTUALLY working on the third book – it basically had to be rewritten because you guys don’t want trash – AND I’m editing the first two to make them cleaner and less clunky, so I’m hoping to release them all SOON. Stay tuned for news!

  10. Still waiting on the third gauntlet book to come out. Just finished reading the gauntlet thrown, started on the challenge accepted. Do we have an eta on the third book here?

  11. Another year waiting on the third book of the gauntlet trilogy. Any updates as to when it will finally emerge?

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